Snoopl is a non-profit dis-organization. We do not accept monetary donations. If you would like to contribute here are some things that you can do to make Snoopl more productive.

  1. Clips
  2. Scripts
  3. Animations


Snoopl uses audio and video clips from news and other resources to supply voice overs for MuviZu animations. If you see or hear a clip that contains something that might be good for a Snoopl video you can submit the file or a link to the file to


If you have some ideas for what you think would be a good satirical video for Snoopl, let us know at


Snoopl uses the free MuviZu application to assemble it's scenes and skits. If you'd be interested in assembling politically powered satirical videos and showing them on Snoopl, let us know by e-mailing