About snoo.pl

One weekend, after much personal angst regarding the talking heads that dominate the weekday airwaves, I decided that rather than just sit and stew that I would give myself a comedic outlet for the ridiculous things I notice about situations and personalities that are contradictory and otherwise quite depressing. The domain was available and choosen for the combination of being short and easy to say. It really has nothing to do with 'snooping', although I have been trying to make some correlations that would entertainingly ironic.

About me

My name is Chrystopher Reagan. I'm in my 40's and I work in the IT industry. I am politically unaffiliated and my vote is not for sale. I try to stay off the radar as much as possible and this site is merely an outlet and method to connect with like minded folks and not intended to be a full production news or information site. I am an agnothiest or perhaps an atheostic, it's sort of complicated but not really.  

About Sham Hammity

Sham Hammity is a character that I am developing here at the snoo.pl site. While Sham is enspired by a radio and tv personality, he is not intended to replace his similar namesake. Sham won't be the last character that I develop here, but I do intend him to be the captain of the snoopl flagship.

About Stanley Montly

Stanley Montly is a new character that will embody the best aspects of people I know personally into a single, hard hitting interviewer who can get to the bottom of the 'real' story.